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Animal Control

Dog License Information


Macomb County Dog Licenses are required for dogs ages 4 months and older. All dogs are required by Michigan State Law to be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Failure to maintain proper licensing may result in additional fines and fees.

In order to obtain a dog license you MUST have proof of your dog's current rabies vaccination in the owner's name in the form of a veterinary SIGNED rabies certificate, as well as proof of your dog being spayed or neutered (if applicable). To obtain a dog license in person you must bring the vaccination certificate as well as proof of spay or neuter, and owner identification to the Macomb County Animal Control during our regular business hours.

Macomb County Animal Control provides licenses for all of the Macomb County residents except for those residing in Eastpointe, Mount Clemens, Sterling Heights and Warren. Residents in these areas will need to contact their local city offices to verify licensing instruction.

Fees Schedule

1 Year Tag

  • Spayed or Neutered  $10.00
  • Unaltered  $30.00

2 Year Tag

  • Spayed or Neutered  $18.00
  • Unaltered  $55.00

3 Year Tag

  • Spayed or Neutered  $25.00
  • Unaltered  $75.00
**Additional Late Fee of $20 will apply to those renewing after their current license expiration date.**


NOTICE: The online licensing system will be UNAVAILABLE beginning 12/23/2020 at 5pm until 1/4/2021 at 8am. You will not be able to process a pet license  online during these days. Licensing can still be completed via the US Mail service. Late fees for residents who have licenses expiring during these dates will be waived. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding!

*There are known compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 11,
please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. *

You may now apply ONLINE for a your dog license here!

You will need a copy of your dog's current rabies certificate (original or copy) and proof of spay/neuter (if not shown on the rabies certificate). Payment (see fee schedule) can be processed electronically with a debit or credit card. We will return all paperwork with your dog license by mail or email. Please note that license renewals done by mail will result in additional processing time up to 6-8 weeks. Late fees are assessed based on the postmark date.

By Mail

You may register your dog license by mail or in person. 

Please send in your dog's current rabies certificate (original or copy), proof of spay/neuter, and payment (see fee statement). We will return all paperwork with your dog license by mail. Please note that license renewals done by mail will result in additional processing time up to 6-8 weeks. Late fees are assessed based on the postmark date. Mail required paperwork and payments made payable to:

Macomb County Animal Control
21417 Dunham Rd.
Clinton Twp. MI 48036  


Why is there a difference in fee for dogs not spayed/neutered?
Unaltered dogs present a more significant strain on animal control and shelter resources than spayed and neutered pets. Spaying and neutering help prevent unwanted/unplanned pets, and ease the burden on government and nonprofit resources and taxpayers. The staggered fees were established to encourage responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering.
Do I need to bring my dog with me in order to get a license?
No. The dog does not need to be present for you to purchase a license. In fact, we recommend not bringing owned dogs into animal control unless requesting a microchip.
Is a Titer Test accepted for Rabies?
No. Each dog must have proof of a current rabies vaccination, administered by a licensed veterinarian. Titer tests will NOT be accepted as proof of rabies vaccination. Countywide licensing (with rabies vaccinations as a prerequisite) will reduce the risk of rabid dog bites throughout the county
Is there a license fee for service dogs?
In order to qualify for a fee-free service dog license, your dog must perform specific work or tasks for you according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, 42, USC 12101 et seq. Therapy dogs or emotional support dogs do not qualify as a service dog. Service dogs can only be licensed for 1 year at a time without a fee. If you are denied your request, you will be required to pay the regular license fees.
My veterinarian advised my dog not be vaccinated.
If your veterinarian determines that your dog should not be vaccinated for rabies because of a medical issue, please have your veterinarian provide a letter stating the reason your dog is exempt from the rabies vaccination. The letter must be on the veterinary office letterhead and signed and dated by the vet.  You will need to resubmit the letter each year to renew your dog license and will only be able to purchase a 1 year license each time.





macomb county tag 2019.png


The Macomb County Animal Control has advanced into the digital age by partnering with PetHub and now offers pet owners the next generation of license tags. 

Designed and "Powered by PetHub," the new digital license tags have undergone a complete makeover with the addition of high-quality printing, color, and a white coating to improve legibility and durability. Both sides are fully utilized by displaying the shelter’s identity, logo, and phone number on one side AND a unique license number, QR code, and PetHub’s toll-free number and website on the other side.


The “digital” part of the tag lies in the QR code. A QR (“Quick Response”) code is a type of barcode label consisting of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background. A QR code can be scanned and read by an imaging device (such as a smartphone’s camera) and contains embedded data about the item where the code is printed on. A QR code is similar to a UPC barcode, which is commonly found on product packaging. However, a QR code can be scanned quicker, can store more information, and can store that information in a more efficient method than a UPC barcode can.






This new license tag provides an extra layer of protection for your pet. Not only is your license registered with the Macomb County Animal Control but you can also register your "digital" tag with PetHub. You have the ability to create a free online account at and link your tag to your pet's profile through the QR code. If your pet goes missing and someone finds your pet wearing this tag, the finder can use a smartphone's camera to scan the QR code, view the contact info on your pet's profile, and immediately contact you or someone on your trusted list in order to reunite your pet with you without the pet entering paw into the shelter. Your account is safe and secure because you control what information in your pet's profile is visible and what is not.

If the finder does not have a smartphone or does not know how to scan a QR code, there are two other ways. First, the finder can call the phone numbers printed on the tag, one of which connects to PetHub’s call center (available 24/7) and the other to the Macomb County Animal Control. After the finder provides the license number, we'll connect you to the finder. Second, the finder can go to PetHub’s website (also printed on the tag), enter the license number, and view your contact info. Best of all, your pet is protected around the clock.

NOTE:  Newer iPhone and Android models come with a built-in QR code reader. If your smartphone does not, you can download PetHub’s app or any other free reader app.


PetHubSolution Premium with GPS - MCAC.jpg



STEP 1:  Create your free online profile at Add your name, email, and phone number(s). You also have the option to add your address and additional contacts as well as your pet’s information (including your vet, vaccination history, allergies, medications, behavioral conditions, and much more).

STEP 2:  Link your profile and your license tag by entering your pet’s six-digit license number.

STEP 3:  Choose your level of protection by subscribing to PetHub’s Basic Service or Premium Service.

Need help creating or managing your account? Check out PetHub's instructional videos.


With each license tag, you have access to PetHub’s FREE Basic Membership . . .

  • Online Storage of Your Information – Enter your contact information and your pet’s information into your PetHub account and link your account to your pet’s license number
  • Lost Pet Call Center – PetHub's Pet Hotline is staffed 24-hours-a-day/7-days-a-week by humans, not an automated computer
  • Lost Pet Poster – Ability to create a lost-pet poster for printing and sharing
  • Pet Resource – PetHub’s website offers over 500 searchable articles to help you raise and nurture your pet

Or, upgrade to PetHub’s Premium Membership and receive additional benefits . . .

  • Community Alerts – When you report your pet as “missing” on PetHub’s website, PetHub will send a virtual “Lost Pet” notification to local shelters, rescue groups, vet offices, pet professionals, and the PetHub community
  • Tag Scan Notification – If someone finds your pet and scans the QR code on the tag, you’ll be notified with a text alert and/or email alert.
  • Social Sharing – Have your lost-pet poster shared on social media to spread the word even faster
  • Discounts – Receive special offers from PetHub’s partners

Learn more about PetHub's Basic and Premium Subscription Services